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Emergency Management

About Warrington Township Emergency Management

Warrington Township’s Emergency Management Team consists of personnel from each of the township’s public safety entities. The townships Emergency Management Coordinator is Lee Greenberg (Emergency Services) with the Deputy Coordinator Lieutenant Meditz (Warrington Police).  In conjunction with the Bucks County and Pennsylvania Emergency Management Teams, Warrington EMA is responsible for maintaining the Township’s Emergency Management Plan, operating and staffing the Township’s Emergency Operations Center, conducting training and ensuring the four phases of Emergency Management are maintained: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

 Are You Ready?

Learn how to protect yourself and your family during and after and emergency with FEMA’s Are You Ready? Guide. This guide will inform you how to prepare for disasters such as: Flooding, Extreme Heat, Tornados, Fires and Winter Storms.

Link: https://www.ready.gov/sites/default/files/2020-08/are-you-ready-guide.pdf

Bucks County Community Alert System Information

Community Alert System, www.readynotifypa.org, allows residents to receive emergency warnings via e-mail, text messaging, pagers, and other wireless devices.  Residents can voluntarily participate in this program by enrolling on a website and listing your community and the devices you would like included in the alert system. In addition to emergencies, you can also elect to receive notification of severe weather, amber alerts, health alerts and other warnings. It’s free to sign up and choose the type of alerts you want, however your wireless provider may charge a fee to receive text messages. You can also select the communities you want receive alerts for, so you can be alerted for multiple locations, such as work, home, and school.

Special Needs Registry

During an emergency, first responders may not be aware or able to accommodate special needs such as accessibility, mobility, and behavioral health issues if they are unprepared. A Special Needs Registry has been created to allow residents with special needs the opportunity to provide specific information to emergency responders. The database will track the needs of specific individuals so that first responders can be prepared to help them in an emergency. Please download or print the PDF and submit it to: [email protected].

Lee Greenberg, Director of Codes, Insp.& Emg. Services

Lee Greenberg was hired in October of 2007 as the Fire Inspector.  In 2011 Lee was promoted to Deputy Fire Marshal.  In January of 2012, Lee was promoted to Director of Code Enforcement and Zoning.  He held that position until January of 2014 when he was also made the Director of Emergency Services. Today, Lee is serving as the Director of Emergency Services and Code Enforcement and Emergency Management Coordinator.Prior to being employed by Warrington Township, Lee was a Shift Commander for the Sunoco Refinery Fire Department in Philadelphia.  Lee has been a volunteer member of the Horsham Fire Company for 25 years and served in many roles with that organization.Lee has earned many certifications along his 25 year career in the emergency services.  He is a certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, Certified Fire Officer Level 4, and Certified by PEMA as a “Professional” in the area of Emergency Management to name just a few.


Warrington Township The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734
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