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Former Schools

Five Historic Buildings were once Schools

Among the many historic buildings in Warrington are five that at one time served as public schools for the community. Four of the five are in active use today while plans are being made to utilize the fifth.

The oldest former school is at 2524 Bristol Road. Known as the Warrington School, it was built in 1808 and has a date stone attesting to that fact. It was erected to replace a school that had been built on the same site in 1765. The Warrington School was in operation for 143 years until it closed in June of 1951, when Titus Elementary opened its doors. Two other schools mentioned in this article closed at the same time.

The 1808 building became the Old Warrington School House Gift Shop. Two one-room schools were built during the 1840’s, although their actual dates may be earlier. School Board records from 1848 mention both schools along with three others in the township. One building, at 2189 Street Road, continued to operate until 1925 when the Neshaminy School opened. The Street Road building was purchased that same year and has been a private residents ever since.

The other building at 10 Folly Road remained in operation until 1928 at which time the second Mill Creek School opened. It was also sold and became a private residence until 1998 when the township acquired it. Plans are being made to utilize this facility in a historically significant way. The historic Penn Oak tree, which is more than 250 years old, is on the property at 10 Folly Road.

In 1926, the original Mill Creek School was torn down and replaced by a school bearing the same name. The school opened in September 1928 at 3400 Pickertown Road. It continued as a school until June 1951. It was one of the three schools that closed at the same time. It became the township administrative building in 1955 and continued in that role until the current building opened on Easton Road. For several years after it closed, it housed kindergarten classes when Titus School became overcrowded. The township still owns the building, but it is rented out to commercial operation.

The fifth former school, at 2040 Street Road, was built in 1980 as a creamery. It was bought by the Warrington Township School Board and converted into a school opening in 1925. It was known as the Neshaminy School. The purchase price and cost of renovations were $12,000. It was the third school closed in 1951. Since July 1963, it has been the home of the BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.According to the record of 1848, there was at least one other school in the township, but the location of it is uncertain, so it is assumed to no longer exist. It is interesting to point out that the newest elementary school in the township is called Mill Creek, making it the third school to bear that name.

–Thomas A. Mackin, Chairman Township Historic Commission Historic Commission Video The Commission reminds residents that the Warrington Township Video of Historic Places is available to be borrowed. The video can be picked up at the Township Building and may be kept for one week.

Warrington Township The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734
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