Warrington Township
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Old Grist Mill

The Old Grist Mill, located on Valley Road, was built in 1756.

One of the oldest historic sites in Warrington Township is the Old Mill Farm located off of Valley Road across from Kemper Park.

It occupies part of 1,000 acres that were deeded to Alexander Parker by William Penn in 1703. During the ownership of Robert Tomkins, from 1749 to 1759, a grist mill was constructed in 1756. A sawmill was also built, and the two were operated under the name of the Long Merchant Mill.

The name came from Andrew Long, who had emigrated from Ireland in 1961, acquiring land in Warrington and Warwick Townships. The mill was a part of the economic growth in Warrington and kept that name for over 100 years.

One story connected with the grist mill is that George Washington while he was headquartered at the Moreland House in Warwick bought flour and meal from the owners of the mill.

Adeline McCord converted the grist mill into a residence in 1936. The property was bought by Arthur Aloe (Alou) in 1940 and was given to its present name. Aloe operated a natural food business known as the Great Valley Mill. R.B. Lambert, who owned the Old Mill Farm from 1958 until 1985, was responsible for extensive research on the property.

The present owners, Art and Kim Hynes, bought the property in 1991. It now consists of 15 acres on which the Haynes’ operate a landscaping business. The Haynes’s have put a lot of time and effort into restoring the original building. The restoration of the interior was completed in 1999 along with sandblasting and repainting of the exterior stone and replacement of rotting wood.

One discovery that was made during the reconstruction was that the original entrance to the mill race consisted of multi-colored stonework.

The Old Mill Farm will be among the first group of properties to be recognized as historic sites by the Board of Supervisors on September 27.

–Thomas Mackin, Chairman Township Historic Commission

Warrington Township The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734
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