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Rental Housing Inspection Program

Contact Phone
Jacklyn Wilson
Rental Housing Inspection Program Manager (Contact to Register & Schedule)
Ext. 302 [email protected]
Ed Pagan
Code Enforcement Inspector
Ext. 314 [email protected]
Kevin McNeil
Code Enforcement Inspector
Ext. 314 [email protected]
Lee Greenberg
Interim Township Manager, Director of Codes, Inspections and Emergency Services
Ext. 308 [email protected]

Warrington Township implemented an annual rental inspection program for all rental housing units located in the Township to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the Township residents. The inspection is to ensure the rental housing units are in compliance with building, housing and safety ordinances. The ordinance was adopted by the Board of Supervisors during its December 14, 2021 public meeting and implemented in January of 2022.

To view the Rental Inspection Program Ordinance #2021-0-5, click here.

Rental inspection program benefits include:

  • Improving the quality of living for residents who occupy rental housing units.
  • Ensuring the quality of living for residents who live near rental housing units.
  • Establishing a baseline for quality living for all rental housing unit occupants in the Township.

Landlord Rental Property Requirements:

  • Register rental unit(s) with the Township on an annual basis
  • Pay a fee of $140 per unit
  • Have each rental unit inspected by the Township Codes Department. Upon a successful inspection, the Township will issue a passing notice of inspection.

Rental Housing Registration Form
Form(s) can be submitted in to the Township Building or via email. Payment can be made by check payable to Warrington Township or by credit card using Mastercard, Visa or Discover.

Residential Checklist

Warrington Township The Gateway to Bucks County Since 1734
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